If Only Your Boxers Could Fit Me!

Its two am

and i’m cold

curling up on a chair in the corner of a lonely room

missing you.

its two AM

had I been home,

I would’ve been all over you

being overloaded by your touch

ever so gently

as you trace a path in my palm

making quirky jokes and ever so slight strokes.

these are the strokes that I live for

the subtle ones

that makes my sub conscience sigh in contentment.

when I’m away from you

I always take something for you with me,

the pretty gold watch,

your black and brown sock

breathing in your essence

your energy


when I’m away from you

I appreciate the boar like snores

that vibrate throughout the house,

the same ones which keep me up

and make me want to smother you in your sleep.

when I’m away from you,

even the awkward silence

makes me content.

When I’m away from you,

I miss you!


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