Monochromatic Me

It’s getting difficult,

keeping up with you

being untrue and giving impression that all is well

and things are great.

truth is

I’ve been miserable

wiping away tears and the remnants of sex

that no longer hold any interest for me.

and I’ve been feeling guilty

sharing me with others

putting everything above and beyond you

and i’m sorry

for all the little drafts of love letters that I attempted but never finished

that I scrapped before they ever had a chance.

I’ve been selfish

being happy and happy and happily forgetting you

until I hurt,

aching from all the other things that were more important,

I wish I knew

that you were the glue that keep me sane

relieving stress and giving me comfort

if only that was enough

For me!

I wrote this piece to my blog… My voice when I was mute!


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