Have you ever made love patiently, not fast and furious… not the ram bam type of loving. I’m talking about the slow, gaze into your eyes, HEAR your heart beating, sensations going crazy type of loving. Well, one of these days, after all the loving is over,  I want you to look at your lover, look long and hard, maybe you may see something you’ve never seen before.


It looks so good

your skin

brown and smooth and tempting

tempting my fingers to grab and feel

the softness

my lips ache for the salt, slick

sensation of nipple

and skin

and skin

wishing I could kiss

delving in each dip and crook

demanding nothing special

but accepting every offer.

exposing inch by inch



brown and everything that my body craves

your skin

silently pleading for scratches

matching the ones you’ve placed on me

this skin

fills me up with emotions

until I’m emotionless

so filled that I can barely speak

mute from the rhythm of fluid thrusts

and sensual grunts,

I really must give you credit

For all the crazy love poems

That you inspire

As we lay in bed saited

Staring into eyes

That have begun to glaze over


As light shines



4 Comments Add yours

    1. mndchrls2012 says:

      Lol… Rob… You have a way with words that makes me so proud!

  1. Naughty indeed, sweetly so.

  2. charles langley says:

    Wow!I can hardly find words to express,you are great.

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