Racism’s Colour

I called a white woman a cracker today

Cause she represented everything

That was wrong with the world,

And I knew I was right,

Because they started slavery

and they treated us badly

and they were the cause for every bad thing that happened to Negroes.

And I knew that I was right!

I called a Jew a Kik last week

because he cut in front of me in line

and I knew that I was right,

because they thought that they were special

and everyone should bow to them,

they hated us for no reason,

so why couldn’t I hate them too?

And I knew that i was right!

But how dare you,

call me a nigga?

my heritage lost

my name erased from the earth


I am the victim

Of atrocities against humanity

as if you haven’t taken enough from us

attacking and berating us

and there’s no way that can be right…

Can it

As if we all haven’t suffered enough.

Hate is hate in any colour,

It will never be right

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Dude this is soooooo deep, I love this piece. Great write, very well expressed.

    1. mndchrls2012 says:

      I was planning to delay releasing it, cause you know everybody is racially tense! But… Its important

      1. I love the perspective you used, it’s a fresh take that make you stop and think. Perfect timing.

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