In all the ways it counts…

I’m getting all depressed again
Wondering where the fuck I went wrong
Wanting to censor these thoughts
But my mind is already fed up of being repressed!
I wish I could live in a perfect world
When you showed me you loved me
Rather than mumbling a few elementary terms of endearments
That don’t quite meet your voice,
And smiles that don’t meet your eyes!
Had I known how sour love could be
I would’ve planned for this rainy period…
Demanding little
Getting even less
You’re fucking with my self esteem
Breaking me
To basic components!
I wanna burst and soar like some kinda bird
Rather than circling the rafters
Just to be yanked back to earth
I want you
Want you to need me as much as I’ve convinced myself I don’t need you!
This is so fucked up
In so many ways I want you
Need you
Need to believe that we can do amazing things together
But you’re fucking with my self esteem
And I’m gonna make it stop!


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