I Shouldn’t Have To!

I won’t beg you to touch me
Impoverished eyes
And eager lips
Accepting the scraps you offer,
You know it’s been a while now
And my body has been craving your touch,
You know,
My urges…
Constantly yearning for attention that you rarely give.
I won’t beg you to hold me,
Repairing a heart
Bitter from neglect and mistrust
I don’t trust you
I don’t trust you with my heart anymore
You ignore my pain
And dismiss my feelings
As female hormonal antics…
I won’t beg…
I won’t beg you to kiss me
I won’t beg you to love me
I won’t beg,
I shouldn’t have to!


12 Comments Add yours

  1. leamuse says:

    Well said! Bon courage et bonne chance!

    1. mndchrls2012 says:

      If only that made the difference

      1. leamuse says:

        It can. We all make choices. It took awhile but I decided I wanted more never realising just how good life can be. I wish you all the best.

      2. mndchrls2012 says:

        Life use to be good, but now its all about diaper changes, and news, and childish games that a man shouldve grown out of!

      3. leamuse says:

        It sounds a bit like my ex… I hope there is no violence as I survived that as well. Best wishes.

      4. mndchrls2012 says:

        No… No way! No violence! Just the constant feeling of withdrawl!

      5. leamuse says:

        While I know both as a therapist and as a survivor, they both are very painful. A new year is around the corner, perhaps it is time for a change in either situation or perspective? Kind regards

      6. mndchrls2012 says:

        Thanks alot! 😀seasons greeting

      7. leamuse says:

        Sometimes, people fear being alone. I have been married and never felt lonelier. Season’s Greetings! 🙂

  2. PassionPoet says:

    I always love reading your poetry … your soul is naked … even more intimate than you stripping out of your draws (that’s how u call it, right? LOL) I hope things get better – I’m rooting for you … just take every day as it comes.

    1. mndchrls2012 says:

      Lol i believe we will be good! Im just tired… I feel like im puttin in all the effort

      1. PassionPoet says:

        Well I think you will be as well, but still you shouldn’t even be feeling like you putting it all the effort. Hoping it works out, hon … ❤

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