Hmmmmm… Enough already


I’ve been writing for a little bit more than 10years, give or take a few. I’ve recently started posting my writing online and for the most part it’s been good, got a lot of support from my readers. I’ve come to realize that you can write just about anything on WordPress and someone will love it.

Anyway, so about my writing… My blog isn’t anonymous, I like it like that, let’s me be real, it let’s me be myself, some people think I get too personal! I talk about sex and love and all the other shit that I should crawl into my bed with ice cream and tissues and cry about! What the fuck do I look like… I refuse to stifle my shit, my therapy, me to please others. I refuse to tone down or cut back so that self righteous Assholes can not turn up their noses at me!

I care, what people think and what thy say, I won’t lie, however not enough to change me. So for those who don’t like the slurping of orgasmic secretions… You need to broaden your horizons!


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  1. shoe1000 says:

    I admire and respect and look forward to what you write about. Honesty and clarity are rare in the world today. Your blog is one of those places for me. I would forward to your sexually secretious blog

    1. shoe1000 says:

      I was supposed to say I look forward to your sexually Secretious blog

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