Some Days I wish I was a VIRGIN

sometimes when I look back at my life, I wish I was a virgin. All this sex and fucking and loving people that didn’t love me became a bit exhausting. Sometimes, I wish I had listened to my parents and kept away from boys… who knows, maybe I would’ve morphed into a sumo-lesbian, after all humans crave love and affection and comfort.

I wish i was a virgin sometimes, that I still had awe and beauty in my eyes, some would call it being naive, but i missed my good ole childish, carefree days, when i didn’t think about perverts and adult toys and the porn that is as readily available as a can of Pepsi. The downside to being a virgin is all the good sex that you miss out on, the deep throats and lizard laps, and sneaking piece on a balcony somewhere…

its sad, that with all the advancement that have been made in the world that we can’t have our cakes, virginity, predilictions and have them too… Adulthood Sucks


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