Grieve for you

My girlfriend lost her baby a few years ago… I didn’t speak to her for two weeks… She recently had a loss in the family… I sent her a message, expressed my condolence and didn’t speak to her for ten days! I missed her, ached at the pain she probably felt.i just couldn’t help.

I don’t do well with death, I think that’s why I’m a good nurse, I feel nothing, in the moment, I usually feel more for the family and not the deceased, genuinely I don’t know what to say, can’t express the grief I know a person must be feeling, so I shut up! After loosing my baby last year, I was devastated, i was also annoyed and pissed off at the insensitive advice and sympathy that others seem to volunteer unprovoked .I locked off my phone and ignored social media for almost a month after…

I think it cheapens someone’s pain by saying “everything happens for a reason” and all the other bullshit that some well wishers like to utter. It hurts, when others can’t feel the pain we feel, it’s sad, that the world never stops because we’re hurting. It should dammit!


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