Tired of writing about the same ole thing

forced to sound indignant

because that is what’s required of me,

I’m black so much isn’t expected

and i’m really tired of being rejected,

so each day I stifle under paper

mounds of words that all sound the same,

It’s so easy,

to remain in ones comfort zone

getting comfortable


yet another story of poor victimised racially suppressed people

so that another stereotype can be added to my list of flaws.

What’s the significance of writing shit that you don’t believe

because you’re afraid to be brilliant and exceptional

afraid to put out your best work.


that’s what makes my heart bleed.

So why be great?

There is always ordinary to compete with.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. shoe1000 says:

    You go for it. Your voice is awesome.

  2. Underdaddy says:

    The most creative thing you can be is “yourself” because “someone else” has been done before. No competition on WordPress, just friends reading friends. And swearing, there is swearing.

  3. Best words of advice another blogger gave me when I started writing. “Do you Boo-Boo.” And so it is..
    Good luck with your blog. You will do fine. Forget the masses, do you boo-boo 🙂

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