Safe Word

Bonds hold
Knots tested
Struggling against gravity
And nature
The threshold of pleasure being overcome by pain
I feel no connection to you
Or this loving
All feelings since evaporated
In all honesty
I didn’t know the extent of your predilections
But I was curious
And this cat
Got skinned, scorched and scalped
In pursuit of knowledge
I probably should’ve paid more attention to the rules
But I was so hot
And your body
All judgements got clouded, at the way you licked your lips
My mind wishing that you’d lick me
And softly,
Paying attention to each detail
Prolonging the torment
Delaying the climax
Stretching me lazily
Like a feline after a large snack.
I should’ve paid attention
To everything except you.
Then I would’ve
Should’ve remembered
The word
To end this suffering and make this torture stop,
I should’ve paid attention…

4 Comments Add yours

  1. PassionPoet says:

    Always pay attention!

    What’s that damn safe word?

    Laughing uproariously … beautiful write!

  2. kimorlisa says:

    I love the build up this poem. A beautiful read. *virtual high five*

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