Nah… that’s not gonna happen….

So… my EX is back and I’m a bit confused! We always seemed to have the craziest chemistry and maybe a few years ago that this whole “reconnection” would’ve been appealing to me. a few years ago, I would’ve revelled in the idea of being wrapped up in his legs and arms, lazily fucking the day away. But I can’t, put my life on hold again, waiting for a dream of a legendary love and matrimony to come to fruition.

To be honest, I do love him, he was a part of my life for so long. 

He taught me a lot, and for the good things, I will always be grateful , but I have immense love and respect for my partner. One thing I know for a fact is that he’d never intentionally hurt me! I love my life, the relationship I’m in and the beautiful memories that we’ve created together! 

So fuck mind blowing, earth shattering tingly sex that means nothing! Fuck people who think they’re allowed to run in and out of your life! Fuck ungrateful, hurtful conceited bastards who wanna stomp on ya heart and disregard your feelings! 

I’m in love 


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