Shared Responsibility

what is your part to play in your sex life? Are you like a sheep being lead to the slaughter, blindly following a hard taskmaster?

I’m confused, I recently received an email with a young man’s picture, and underneath it, were his details and his HIV status…  also that he was knowingly infecting women with HIV. The email said that “he should be stopped”, I instantly got a huge headache, that is the reason that the fight against stigma and discrimination against persons living with HIV will continue. I can almost imagine all the nay sayers and banner waving, “good” folk eagerly forwarding that message around to the world. After all it was their duty to alert the public about this menace to society.

My question is, where are the women in all of this? what are their responsibilities in all of this exchange of body fluids? Are they merely a cavity, housing a penis against their will, unable to fight off the advances of a madman. It bothers me immensely that women act like they are innocent bystanders to their lives. Allowing others to make decisions that affect their health and lives without their consent. A responsible woman would check out any man that she was being sexual with, not merely jumping in balls-deep without a care in the world. Life has proven time and time again that people are untrustworthy, so what makes this man so special that he gets to be all up inside your body, without a blood test, swab or a condom.

take some responsibility for your actions and own up to your faults, Having sex is a risk… we’ve all seen the ads, known someone who got infected by a spouse. In this age of modern technology, when an HIV test is little to no cost, how can we  not know our status and that of our sexual partner.

I feel like i’m ranting, but it really irritates me at the gall of some people, “he gave me HIV” ! Did he really? Did he force himself on you? Be wise, be vigilant, don’t be a cheerleader after the fact… stop holding a banner for sympathy so that others can say “poor thing”, It’s your life, take responsibility for it!


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