Please…Don’t go


I’ve been thinking

About how I would love to kiss you

Like lovers


From years of being apart,




Needing it

And each other

Tracing lips

Grabbing hips



Trying to find words

But flowing tears instead.

I need you to kiss me!



inhaling air that hasn’t left my lungs yet

biting lips,

fervent nips

I just need you


give me this out of body experience

that I’ve been craving

and then maybe

it may be enough

kiss me…

like its our last

forgetting about the past

imprinting on me new memories

kiss me…

until my lips

are full and swollen

and then walk away!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. PassionPoet says:


    Ending … poignant…

  2. mndchrls2012 says:

    Lol Robert if only u knew babe

  3. Amanda this was not fair. This poem was hot,H O T and resonates so deeply with me right now. And then you made him walk away!!!!!! That’s like waking up too soon from a dream.

    1. mndchrls2012 says:

      I do apologize baby

  4. idiotwriter says:

    ooosh – nice… the desire screams out with your words. Splendid!

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