Sometimes You Just Gotta Move On…


I met my soulmate already

on a dock

at 8am

in a land i didn’t know,

He was beautiful

and special

and annoying

but without knowing

we grew into each other

fitting like new skin

finishing sentences

sharing each other’s unspoken thoughts.

but time never seemed to be on our side,

distance separated

tempers flared

and significant others were always more significant than they should’ve been.

he belonged to me


once upon a time

with no  vampires sucking the joy from his eyes

or the love from his heart.

i wish i could heal him

and show him the love that i still felt

but too much has passed,

time wasted

children brought into the world.

at the end of the day

he made his choice,

he made his choice…

and I wasn’t it!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. PassionPoet says:

    Such a powerful write.

  2. rosiebiwords says:

    I could feel your heart break.

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