Evolution of Freedom: Origins


So… just recently, i was talking to my sister and we decided that we wanted to start a business. We went through the different types of businesses that we could open, whether online or store front… needless to say, I came up with a sex shop.

I started doing my research…still doing research actually, however, i began evaluating my feelings on sex, toys, all the other predilections that others are addicted to, that i was addicted to. I know i’m probably not making much sense right now, but i decided to go back, way back, from virgin to freak to ME…

so i’ve devised a little compilation of pieces, some about me… some about other women i know… some about me.. but whatever your opinions i hope that you start to evaluate your feelings on the issue. I hope that someone becomes comfortable in their sexuality, or tries something they’ve always wanted to try. whatever you decide to do, be safe and be YOU.


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  1. PassionPoet says:

    Have you been in my head? I have been saying the same exact thing. In fact I literally typed this in a FB convo to a friend seconds before seeing your post: “Passion needs to be in on anything that will empower women. I’m not just about getting the pussy wet. I want to see women free of stigmatisation as it relates to sexuality, period.”

    I ENJOY SEX and I know that there is a spiritual connection in sex … and I ENJOY seeing women enjoy their sexuality, throwing off the stigmatisation that society forces on women who are uninhibited.

    I will say this – you do a sex shop, I got books to sell inside there! #serioustalk #IamPassion. #PassionEndorsed!

    1. mndchrls2012 says:

      I hope you buy the first toy

      1. PassionPoet says:

        Hell yeah I can buy the first one 🙂 and send LadyPassion to collect ^_^

  2. 3skay says:

    Those will be very interesting. Sex is handled so many ways, and sometimes it can be portrayed in a blandly perverse way. It will be nice to see how you present it, you clearly recognise how benefitial sex is. Good luck with the business venture.

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