Evolution of Freedom: Thongs

images (3)

I never knew what they were called

i just knew that they were off limits

and true to my rebellious nature

I bought one

it was so easy to fake the courage that i didn’t feel

that day

as i flipped through the “intimates” on the rack

hiding blushes

as people stared at me

or maybe it was my mind

maybe no one noticed the school girl

in uniform

oogling thin lace

that covered less than it exposed.

but I noticed everything

the yellow shirt with the pink flowers that they store attendant wore

every car that passed by that looked like my parents car

which was

EVERY car…

I knew it was wrong

getting caught up in things that weren’t child-like

but hormones were raging

and juices were flowing in ways

that I couldn’t understand.

It took a while to get accustomed to fabric being up there

but i managed

sometimes not always graciously

but i managed.

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