Evolution in Freedom: He showed me his penis

tumblr_m3wn59ybMH1rrrm8ro1_500he just whipped it out

all swollen and ugly

like  a rabid dog

dribbling semen

and something else that looked totally gross.

he whipped it out

without provocation

or permission,

his penis

his most crowning glory

standing downright

trying to show me just how much he admired me.

I felt annoyed

from all the sarcasm and other insults that i stifled

just to protect

his little feelings

boosting his ego.

some crowning glory,

short, stumpy

with a curved shaft and a big head.

it was unattractive

his little member

and it reminded me

of chinese egg noodles and American meatballs!

I played it down to spare his feelings

After all he was a man

so chances are he was soft in the middle…

He stared


Eagerly waiting for praise

That I would never utter

I could at least try

But why bother

With a lie

fuck him and his little dick


6 Comments Add yours

      1. I mean ouch, for all men. Did he even know he was embarrassing himself?

      2. mndchrls2012 says:

        Idk he should’ve…. Like ewwwww

  1. 3skay says:

    😳 ouch!! Delusions of grandeur

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