Ready Made Man

Life is too short to spend it being broken


fooling only you

making excuses,

it seems i’m clueless

that I refuse to see the choices

that you make

the time that you take

and the only heart

that’s breaking is mine



I dream about you changing,

being all that I made you and more.

instead every night I cry,

trying to resist the urge to

write ranting angry poems

about what a complete asshole you are.

But life is too short,

and trees too precious

even for the electronic tapping of keys

to get frustrated words out.

Life is short to be broken and bitter

making excuses

and justifications for why you are

the way you are.

It’s exhausting

thinking about what I want and can’t have,

it’s 10pm

and i’m waiting up for you,

forgetting all my rules

and declarations

hoping that you’d be the man

I love

and show up,

but life’s too short…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rise above says:

    You can only expect people to be who they are at their core, from personal experience that is.

    And next time, write, take advantage and don’t refuse that outlet; but I do get the point you were making though.

    1. mndchrls2012 says:

      Thanks dear will take the advice

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