hey all, this is my sister’s blog… she just started but i think she can be great if she is consistent…. thanks for reading!


Listening to words from a wise tongue, I ponder your existence.

You sit there analyzing me, predicting our future.

I wasn’tshush_by_artnemesis-d5grqtd born a night, I came forth from my mother on bright Monday.

For you I’ll dance the tango, letting you believe you’re in the lead.

I might be inexperienced but I know your type.

Mr. quick to spread, your seed.

You prey on the young, naive, the vulnerable.

Take heed my brown sisters,

Not every tongue speaks the truth, not each heart is pure.

No need to be waiting in vain, for I love you’s and I need you’s

Their promises are empty, their hearts are in their heel’s.

Dear bed warmers, resign your positions.

Untitled, misused, abandoned aren’t you tired?

You sit there hopelessly praying, for a means to an end.

Words can be spoken, but the body says it all in the end.

Be mindful little brown girl.

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