For Better or Worst Numb 

I really wish I could write about love… 

All the shits and giggles,

Clouded over by fluffy clouds 

And stars that are as cold as ice. 

But life has me 

For better and worse


When it’s good 

It is, 


But bad reminds me of 

The devils lair 

Demented colors bouncing off caves, 

This retched feeling 

And I’m the one to be blamed! 

I loved once



Giving all or nothing. 

But life has me 

For better or worst numb, 

Making excuses

And second guesses 

As to why I can’t love 


Maybe my heart went on vacation 

Because it was tired 

Of being hurt too! 

I really tried 

To love him 

Once upon a time 

But life changed me 

For better or worst!…


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Maybe the numbness will wear off, like the stuff the dentists stick in your gums?

  2. rosiebiwords says:

    The hunger will come, or someone that heals … whatever it is, your words dig deep and I just wanna hold and tell you that it WILL pass.

    1. mndchrls2012 says:

      A lot of what I write is about my past how I felt, when someone hurt me ! It has passed but you know nothing ever changes

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