Its Perfect


it’s perfect

dressed in fine silk and thick wool

a relationship that shines

reflecting all the light of the universe around it…

it’s perfect


filled with beautiful people

who must be perfect too…

But are they,


Beyond what the eyes can see

Dark closets and plushed pillows

so why do they pretend

living life like supermodels



flawless to the untrained eye and fake in all the ways it counts…

they were perfect

filled with well wishes and good intentions

but they never intended to fall out of love

stuck between starting over and pretending

pretending that its perfect

but all that glisters

hardly ever is gold

and some problems never have solutions

but whose perfect anyway?


One Comment Add yours

  1. PassionPoet says:

    Been too busy to check out blogs for a while… gotta catch up! Another beautiful piece!

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