I hate Black History Month

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Still in love with this piece 

What can I say about black history month,

nothing much it seems.

tired of being indignant and ignorant

feeding off of misleading propaganda

designed to insight

and inflate

and provoke “us” to roit.

I think its a fucking waste

looking at a past which is very much like the present,

thinking that the future will be better just because we will it.

I’m just tired of preaching to the choir

black people who have to rub their intelligence

in your face like shit

just to prove something

to me?

or to yourself.

I wish that black history month was a celebration

but among these parts

its like a pity party

for self serving

rable rousing loud mouths

who promote mediocrity

by disseminating an ideology that you are special because of your race.

singing kum-bi-ya


pleading to all the other field slaves.

yet, i’m the bad guy,

because i don’t write,






fuck it,

I don’t need to read filth

to remember my heritage,

freedom won from chains

proud black

shinning through.

I don’t need to join a cause to respect my ancestors.

I just need to raise my children

teaching them to love themselves

hoping that their generation won’t be as fucked up as ours.

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  1. 3skay says:

    Spoken with true fire. Understanding is one thing, we can all point out where we were and what we have now. I’m a believer in working towards an even plain, race doesn’t give privilege or right. Raising ourself and the generations with a respectable mind, body and soul has no racial limitations.

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