Not this time…


I have no resolutions this year… No goal that I have created, trying to fool myself and get a pat on the shoulder from all the other resolutionaries! It’s not fun anymore, repeating the same shit, thinking that the more times you say it the more you’re likely to do it.
I’m the New Years Resolution critic, ready to be critical of me!
First let me explain, I started making resolutions about five, six years ago. My first resolution was to stop fussing over my body because this was as good as it was gonna get! Six years later, I’m still uncomfortable with my body, mind you, I was slimmer then than I am now!
The following year I pledged to breaking the hold my first child’s father on me. No more quickies and blow jobs without the added complication of commitment! I decided if he wanted his dick sucked, he could suck it himself cause I was taking my awesome lips elsewhere.
The following year I was in a very toxic unhealthy relationship that I stayed in to prove a point, I became an emotional eater and started gaining weight, so that year, I was all about weight loss, clean living, peace and black power. Four years later still about weight loss, the rest was a phase I grew out of by February.

The next year I pledge to no more baby mama drama and men with kids… Hmmmm… I actually kept that one! I decided I wouldn’t give away any more freebies… (Aka free pussy) At that time I was “going out” with my lover, friend, baby daddy and hopefully future hubby! He was a little too comfortable and wanted nothing to change! So I pulled my gravy truck out of the station! Needless to say, he loves me, so he came after me!
The point at the end of it, I haven’t really lived up to the these promises much, so I need to stop making them and start living, mistakes an all. I need to stop worry about the scale, and try to be healthy!
My New Year’s resolution is to have NO RESOLUTIONS. <

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  1. PassionPoet says:

    I agree with you. I don’t do resolutions. Just a waste of time for me.

    Have a great year ahead tho Mandy!

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