No Rhyme Just Me

Today, I realized I gave up my voice, I started this blog as a place for me to express myself. To say my piece without having to wonder who would think it was inappropriate. I dropped the ball, smothered myself and now my body is beginning to feel toxic! After nine months, almost, of no communication I’m feeling starved. Feeling the effects of hormonal imbalances after having a baby, I feel like my life and my relationship are spiraling out of control. I feel alone… Although I’m not, I’m exhausted, frustrated and I wish I could have my way all the time. I wish sometimes I was the kinda person to reach out to others, someone who understood exactly what I’m feeling. Nobody listens, too busy dealing with their lives and their shit. I learnt years ago that the world doesn’t stop because you are hurting! I had to learn, had to cope and I will again.


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  1. shoe1000 says:

    I hear your voice
    It cries a whisper
    You might think thats bad
    That your power is not there
    But what I know is that
    You must be silent to know
    that you have a voice.
    From deep down below.
    Because it is only through
    Destruction can the life
    Come from within
    Yes I say life
    No I dont say light
    Because the lights always there
    Its my pain that keeps it rare
    and makes me think
    its really truly not there.

    I wish for you relief

  2. mndchrls2012 says:

    thanks alot Jim… glad to know that i have an ear to hear me… peace

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