Letter to a sister

I may not have been the wisest example for you to follow, living out my childish teenage antics infront of you but baby girl this is not the way.
I know that you think it’s love and that you’re happy, but are you, happy?

When I was twenty two, I figured I had seen it all, after all I was a teenage mom, dumped while pregnant, who went back to college and was about to graduate as a nurse. I thought that life was sorting itself out.
After meeting this older man I thought “this is it”, “he’s the ONE”, but he wasn’t! You see I was a lot like you, defiant, head strong and rebellious, because my family didn’t like him, I dated him anyway. I stayed with him for ten months all the while knowing I meant nothing to him. I held on trying to PROVE A POINT to everyone who doubted me. And for what, he cheated on me with a lot of women, had three babies within months of breaking up with me, so what did I prove?

I see you holding on, making excuses, trying to rationalize why he treats you the way he does. It’s simple baby sister, he’s not the one for you, I know it hurts and I know you love him, but he doesn’t love you!
When a man loves you, the last thing he wants to do is hurt you! A man who loves his woman protects her heart and her body!
Don’t let anyone take you for granted little sister, you have so much love to offer, they’re so many people who love you. Don’t settle! You can do better!


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