MEN… Shmen….


I have been in  a FEW relationships and they’ve been a few guys that I’ve dated once, just once. They just didn’t last, I don’t think I’m extremely picky, but with men, if it wasn’t one thing it was the next…  They either had commitment issues, very clingy, broke, cheap, lazy, playful, childish, or just MEH, then they say women have issues…

The Pauper

I know that men like to say that women ain’t loyal and all they love is money. Like the wotless song our resident domestic abuser Chris Brown wrote about “These hoes ain’t loyal”. BULLSHIT- men love more  money than women. I went on a date one time, that I WAS INVITED to, we ate, laughed and at the end of the night, when we were all saited, this dude had the gald and the audacity to ask if I could pay for dinner until Monday, he will give me back the money! Hmm…. like seriously. Errrr…. NOOOO…


The Stalker

Everybody likes a little bit of attention, you know, it keeps things hot and interesting, but the psycho power-dialing (if that is either a thing) constant calling shit is overbearing. Calling every half hour, asking the same childish questions. making constant declarations of love which MUST be reciprocated or else “you don’t love me” is just fucking annoying. The worst part of the stalker type men is how they always seem to find out the numbers of your close friends and family members, just in case you don’t answer your phone. That shit is annoying and sad, get some friends, and a life.


Spoiled child

If a man’s mom still washes, irons, cooks and take care of her Grown man son, that is one relationship that you don’t even wanna get into. Few women aspire to being the home maker, cooker, cleaner maid type. So them nasty ass man who like to lay down on their tush while you serve them is disaster waiting to happen. The other thing I hate about mommy’s boys is how much they speak to the mom in a day. Why does your mother have to call you 10-12 times in a day? Attached much?


The Player 

I hate hate hate a man who feels that he’s tricky and can always pull the proverbial wool over your eyes. I don’t like men with their phones on silent, tucked away somewhere, or who is constantly texting while he’s with me, cackling and gurgling like a 4 month old baby. I hate the type of man who shoves his hand in his pockets, or pretends he’s picking at his clothes  to avoid holding hands. those players need to come again, you ain’t fooling anyone.

Too much commitment too soon

I had this EX and he was ridiculous, we were dating for like a month when he introduce me to his mom and his child. i was like WAAAAHHH…. At a month I didn’t even know how i felt about him, much less to put that kinda pressure of MEETING HIS MOM…. The worst part was when she asked if I loved her son, I swear I heard crickets… Then I was like errrr, yes! Seriously! I don’t believe that meeting someone’s family should be a trivial thing. It should be special… reserved for the right person. It was too much, he smothered me to death with commitment. who asks someone to marry them after 6 weeks…. I couldn’t wait to exhale from that drama.

The Idiot

A little bit of funny goes a long way but nobody likes a class clown. the jokes were fun for a while, afterwards it just dries up the moistness of my vagina. Nobody gives a shit how great a guy’s sense of humor is when he starts embarrassing you! Making loud outbursts in public, acting like some stand up comic when all you want is to spend some quite time.


I’m all for giving a guy a chance but players are mild in comparison to a Dog! A player thinks he’s smart and can have any woman he wants, a dog goes out to prove it. Introducing two girlfriends by saying ” baby this is my cousin” that man right there is a boss. As much as I admire his cunning ability to think on his feet, not interested, been through enough of that. When it’s not problems with other women, it’s meeting women’s underwear in his draw or condoms in his car. They worst part about dogs is how easy they lie themselves out of situations.

If I didn’t like the comfort of a man… Sighs, I guess penis and the promise of happily ever after has always been my downfall! Yet I’m older… wiser and so over the bullshit 


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